Free Stickers

The human experience is about remembering and forgetting. Feeling momentary oneness…then forgetting into separateness. Knowing you are divine and whole, then a moment later pissed-off at yourself for finishing the whole pint of Cherry Garcia.

I’ve found that certain mantras, phrases or sayings can SNAP me out of suffering forgetfulness. The Hug Nation Gear project is about putting those sayings on clothing and stickers, where all the world can receive them.



A few years ago I had 1000 stickers made that said “Be Present. Have Integrity. Align with Love.” I put them on every water bottle, laptop, and flat surface that I came into frequent contact with.


No matter what is happening, if i can remember to do those 3 things, then I KNOW that whatever happens next is perfect.
But I need to reminders…thus the stickers…and Hug Nation Gear.

Free Gift

Every order includes a gift of a “Be present…” sticker for you to put on your water bottle, medicine cabinet, dashboard, or forehead.

May you recalibrate joyfully!

(These stickers are not for sale. They are given as gifts at Burning Man, in the world, and from this store.)