• Pink "Be Present" Mantra

    Pink "Be Present" Mantra

    Life’s instruction manual in 3 phrases.
  • "Love More" long sleeve

    "Love More" long sleeve

    “Float more. Steer Less.” on back
  • "Love More" with White Leather

    "Love More" with White Leather

    A simple mantra can be extra powerful when framed with something magical. In this case, a custom white leather coat by Ritual. (
  • Twice the Peace

    Twice the Peace

    Halcyon and Becca’s gear compliment each other perfectly (as do their smiles.)
  • Mantra as Activism

    Mantra as Activism

    A moment from the Catharsis 2017 march on the capital.
  • White Long Sleeve

    White Long Sleeve

    Simple. Clear. Powerful.