Halcyon & Hug Nation

Halcyon, a professed “Lifestyle Artist” is the host of one of the longest running online video broadcasts, Hug Nation.

For 3 years, reverend Caleb Shikles (aka Grandpa Caleb) was the Hug Nation Co-host. 15 Years after his death, Caleb is still an integral part of Hug Nation (and featured on several of the shirts in this store.)

For more about magical Grandpa Caleb and the history of Hug Nation, watch Halcyon’s TEDx talk.

Halcyon currently hosts a live LOVE MORNING broadcast every day around 9:00 am PT on Facebook & IG.  You can be notified when he goes live here.

He also hosts daily GRATITUDE CIRCLES in Zoom twice a day (free).  Learn more and Join us!


Over the years I have collected a toolbox of mantras to recalibrate my mindset. Earlier this year I printed some t-shirts for myself to wear. So many people have asked “where can I get one?!” that I decided to open this shop.

It fills me with immense joy to know that beyond the digital vibrations I’m sending out that people are donning Hug Nation gear in the world.
If you buy a shirt, you’re not a customer, you’re an ambassador!

Thank you for spreading the love.

Wearing something that resonates with you is a teeny-tiny bit of activism. It is an artistic statement. It puts a thought in someone’s mind for a moment. And with the avalanche of “you’re not enough” messaging that drives our consumer culture, these simple flashes of love are important.

When I see a clever or insightful t-shirt, it gives me a little bump of happy. The person wearing it gave me a little gift. So, the goal with Hug Nation Gear is to give a teeny-tiny gift to everyone you pass.

But be prepared. Sometimes teeny tiny gifts turn into long term friendships, dogma shifts, or romantic relationships. I’m just saying.